About Us

AG Tactical started out as Graveyard Gear in 2017 by two brothers.  One is a law enforcement officer and the other is a US Army Veteran. We are a family owned and operated apparel and accessories company. We started the company as a way to give back. There are many in this country that give everything to serve others, we feel that it is important to give back as well. A portion of all sales are donated to charities that support law enforcement, veterans and first responders.

We believe that what you wear says a lot about you.  It can be more than just a necessity.  It can be attitude.

Our motto, "Molon labe," is an ancient Greek saying that means, "Come and take [them]."  It is an expression of defiance and patriotism in the battle against the 2nd Amendment.  Our mission is to deliver the highest quality apparel and gear on the planet that instills patriotism, honor and pride to those that wear it.

We are strong supporters of the United States of America, law enforcement, veterans, first responders, the 2nd Amendment and all patriots.

An American Gunfighter™ is someone that is highly skilled with pistols, rifles, shotguns and other weapons. They are the defenders of freedom, protectors of the innocent. They are the lions protecting the lambs from the wolves. Our goal is to provide apparel that shows the dedication of the Patriots that want to defend the liberties that our Founding Fathers gave us. The liberties and freedoms that so many have given everything for so that we can stand free and united as a nation. Be that American Gunfighter™. Pray that you never have to take up arms but always be ready if the moment comes.